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A Word From The Owner

Hello and thank you for taking time from your busy life to look at my Bodies by Adam website.

I realize that in this modern day society time is valuable and you could have chosen any other site to look on for all of your fitness needs.

Bodies by Adam is forged out of a desire and passion for fitness that I’ve had for over twenty years.

I want people of all ages to realize that fitness should be, and can be, a part of everyone’s life not just the super athletic but the young, the elderly and everyone in between at any level.

My mission is to reach out, educate and turn on as many people to fitness and nutrition as I possibly can.

Our goal is not to make our clients dependent on having a trainer forever our goal is to set our clients up for success in achieving their personal fitness goals and then turning them loose with the proper tools needed to maintain those goals.

That being said all too often once a client has achieved his or her first long term goal we almost undoubtedly will have the opportunity to help them achieve any future fitness goals that they set for themselves.

We always appreciate our clients sharing their stories of success and challenges with family and friends so that we might be able to help them in their journey to a healthier a happier lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

  • 20 years industry experience
  • Nationally accredited personal trainers nutritionists
  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid in Full as well as Month to Month Programs
  • one on one as well as small group programs

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